Sigma Nu Lullabye


Below is what my brother, Jeff, and I call the Sigma Nu Lullaby.  It’s not really a lullaby.  It was created by the Sigma Nu Fraternity of Northwestern University, for a musical event.  It is a drinking song, but we called it a lullaby because Dad sang it to us as we sat on his lap in the rocking chair at bedtime.   It borrows from a number of different sources, I’m not sure about the order of the elements, or even whether these are all of the elements.   Na na na na means there is music but I forget the words.  This is my memory.

Sigma Nu Lullaby.

To the girls we’ll not forget them,                                                                        through the years that lie ahead.                                                                                To Northwestern where we met them,                                                           and the wonderful times we had.                                                                         The football games and dances, the serious romances                          The parties where we didn’t get home til dawn.                                                To the happy hours out west on the night before a test                         Oh we’ll miss them when we’re gone.                                                                 So a toast to the past, a toast to the future                                                          and let there be no sorrow.   For Remember when the sun goes down, it returns with a bright tomorrow.*

So drink chug a lug chug a lug chug a lug,   So drink chug a lug                    Long time ago o o o      Long time ago o o                                                     drink chug a lug chug a lug chug a lug,   drink chug a lug chug a lug      I used to live in Chicago.  Did but I don’t any, did but I don’t any,      did but I don’t any moo…o..ore

The Betas have a drinking song we might have sung to you.      Instead we’ll cut our number short  And all go have a brew,           brew, brew, brew, brew, brew, brew, brew, brew

Na na na na na na lift our voices to the sky.                                                    For tonight we’ll merry merry be, For tonight we’ll merry merry be,  For tonight we’ll merry merry be,.. tomorrow we’ll be sober.

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Here by the fire, we defy frost and storm,                                                    Aha we are warm, and we have our heart’s desire!                                   For here, we’re good fellows, and the beechwood and the bellows,  And the cup is at the lip in the pledge of fellowship… Of fellowship!


* Borrowed from a Camp Kehonka song.

**From  “Hanover Winter Song” as performed by Fred Waring


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